Sewage water removal, Sewage transportation is a service of moving water carrying waste. The sewage water has a mixture of harmful chemicals, toxins. Removal of this kind of liquid needs expertise as it requires proper collection, cautious transportation and safe disposal.

Zeal Plant is one of the leading service providers of all kinds of Waste Management, drainage and waste water removal services in Qatar. We offer full service removal, transportation and disposal solutions while maintaining the safety and regulations related to toxic and hazardous wastes.

  • Water Removal
  • Sewage Water Removal
  • Sewage Tanker service
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Sewage Removal Services

Zeal Plant Hire is one of the best sewage removal service companies in Qatar. It has a team of experts and trained personnel to manage sewage removal, transportation and disposal based in Doha Qatar. Being one of the highly recognized and recommended waste management companies by Baladiya of Qatar, We offer full service which is removal, transportation and disposal of sewage as per the rules and regulations laid down by the ministry of environment and the government of the state of Qatar.

Our professionalism in terms of delivering our service remains the same be it a single tank and a one-time job or a long term sewage management service. We ensure efficiency, safety and we adhere to timelines.

We not only handle the service for you but also guide you on how to manage waste and disposal solutions.

Sewage Transportation and Disposal

A poorly-maintained septic or sewage tank is a serious health hazard. It can spread disease and contaminate other water sources. While the tanks need to be maintained, the waste water has to be disposed. We also have personnel to manually clean the tanks and remove the irreducible solids which settle at the bottom of the septic tank, reducing its capacity and efficiency. We can help you with Sewage transportation and disposal.

Zeal Plant is well equipped to transport and dispose both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid-waste and sewage. It has a well maintained fleet tankers and experienced drivers.

We are one of the best liquid waste management services and transportation companies in Doha, Qatar. We strictly ensure that all the standard and safety regulations are complied with while transporting the waste liquid for you.

Our services in Qatar

  • Removal of Sewage Water
  • Removal of Sludge
  • Removal of Trade Waste
  • Removal of Industrial Waste
  • Removal of Hazardous Waste
  • Removal of Salt Water
  • Removal of Sweet Water
  • Removal of Kitchen Waste

Transport used for sewage transportation.

  • 1,000 Gallons Tanker
  • 5,000 Gallons Tanker
  • 10,000 Gallons Tanker

Who require our service?

  • Labor camps
  • Commercial buildings
  • Large industrial premises
  • Residential compounds